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HeyMenu provides hardware and software solutions to make both restaurants and guests’ lives much easier. For restaurants, HeyMenu makes tablets to replace paper menu, which allows guests to view pictures of the entire menu, place orders, and pay their checks without having to wait for the waitresses. For restaurants, computerized ordering systems, in which servers take orders on an electronic device and send it immediately to the kitchen, have helped restaurants become more efficient.

Logo Design

HeyMenu logo design process

In the dictionary, ‘Hey’ is used to attract someone's attention or to express surprise, joy, or anger. Based on this idea, the design combines the speech bubble and the word ‘hey’ to create a friendly cartoonish symbol.

Launch image

Launch Image

Login page

Login page

User Interface - Waitress

This is part is for the servers to open/change tables, which is not visible for customers. Switching from menu to table-editing page requires passcode

Select Table Screenshot
Enter number of guests window
Passcode popup window

Menu Display

List View Screenshot

List View

Grid View Screenshot

Gird View

Dish Detail Screenshot

Dish Detail

User Interface - Place Order

View Order Screenshot

View Order

Screenshot after order is placed

Order is Placed

Add New Order Screenshot

Add New Order

Show Previous Order

Show Previous Order

Admin Web Application - Order/Table Status

Regular users and admin users have different user interface: regular users can only manage daily operations, admin users have access to higher level settings.

Browser head
What Regular User see in 'order' page.

Regular User

Browser head
What Admin User see in 'order' page.

Admin User


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Dish Item List Screenshot

Dish Item List

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Add Dish Item Screenshot

Add Dish Item


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Summary Screenshot


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Transaction by item Screenshot

Transaction by item

Browser head
Transaction by category Screenshot

Transaction by category

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Activities Screenshot