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96% people like the website design according to the survey by Boutique Sui Numeris's marketing company. Boutique sui Numeris is a high-end retail store in Austin offering luxury dresses. The company's target market is focused on the young generation. So the design style they are going for is ultra modern and elegant. I was commissioned to design the website, business card and logo for Boutique Sui. The website design to me is about how to catch people's attention. The client has many high-quality and artistic photos. So I decided to make the website a showcase for those photos. The strategy is simple: less content and big image. Each page always has one full-size image standing out in the middle, which clearly articulate what that page wants to show to the customers. Meanwhile, the header and footer fade out and serve as an elegant frame.

Logo Design

Boutique Sui logo design idea

The logo design idea came from the letter 'S' of the store name.

Boutique Sui logo design options

I tried different options and finally picked the first one.

Boutique Sui logo on storefront
Boutique Sui post
Boutique Sui post

Home Page Design

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Boutique Sui Home Page Design - Blue version

Four models in the home page in different color represent four dress categories: Bride, Black, Vintage and Soiree.

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Boutique Sui Home Page Design - White version
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Boutique Sui Home Page Design - Pink version
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Boutique Sui Home Page Design - Black version

Less is More - Category Page Design

Instead of showing all the categories on one page, this page only shows three of them and leave a lot of white space. This layout intends to make users focus on every picture by eliminating unnecessary distraction.

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Soiree Category
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Vintag Category

Detail Page Design

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Product Detail - Emmi
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Gift Card Design

Subscribe & Terms

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Subscribe Page Design
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Terms Page Design

Business Card Design

During the business card design, I thought it would be extremely cool if all the information is aligned in one line. So I put the name and title on the front of the card and contact info on the back. The unique but elegant design perfectly matches Boutique Sui's overall style.

Business Card Perspective
Business Card Front
Business Card Back